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If you ever feel overwhelmed, worried or anxious then Zenpower is designed to help you. These are all normal feelings that affect most of us, but they don’t have to take over your day. Zenpower is available at your fingertips and it empowers you to take positive control of how you feel, wherever you are and at any time of the day.

The facts

“One intervention of less than 7 minutes was proven to reduce stress and anxiety on average by over 70% in users”

  • Clinically proven techniques available to access 24 hours a day
  • Immediate response to issues – many in under 7 minutes
  • Support individuals by controlling mental health issues quickly and effectively
  • Less referrals to consultants required, saving time and money
  • No risks or side-effects

You can use Zenpower when any negative, distracting or confusing emotion is occupying your thoughts, or you feel any build up of emotional discomfort that relates to anxiety, worry, fear or stress. It also works if you simply feel confused about your current thought patterns.

It is so easy to use and empowers you to take control of your feelings such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Nervousness
  • Rage
  • Panic
  • Frustration
  • Worry
  • Anger
  • Stress
  • Shame
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Quick reference guide

How to use Zenpower
It is incredibly intuitive and easy to follow. The app provides direction at every stage of this rapid relief process. You cannot do anything wrong AND you cannot break it. And it’s fine to keep your challenges in your mind as you go through the process. It requires the presence of the emotion in order to reduce it. There are just two things to focus on:

How to tap
When you are asked to tap on a part of your body, tap hard enough to put some energy into your body and soft enough that you do not hurt yourself. It’s rather like tapping someone on the shoulder to get their attention. Tap with two or three fingers. Using either hand is fine and either side of the body is also fine.

Keep a level head
When asked to perform eye movements, please keep your head level and still and move only your eyes. Don’t worry if you find this a challenge to start with.

Evaluating the success
When the process is finished, it is a good idea to try to get the unhelpful emotional feeling to return. This shows you that you have conquered it and you can be confident for the future.  

And finally we hope you enjoy using Zenpower and you are able to benefit from the techniques. Please keep tapping and you will continue to benefit from the approach. There’s no maximum amount you should do, so tap whenever you feel the need to.

Please spread the word
Our aim is to help create a world in which no-one needs to suffer from anxiety, fear and stress. We feel we can do that with your help, so please do share your experiences with others.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Meet the team

Steve Mc Nulty

Steve is a successful businessman with a passion for helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary things for themselves. As a successful business owner and leader, Executive Coach and Personal Development Partner, Steve creates a unique solution for each of his unique clients. He is a licensed executive coach, Vistage Chair, master trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming, Thought Field Therapy and Executive & Life Coaching. He is a Psy-TaP practitioner, hypnotherapist and is trained in many other complementary interventions and therapies. Zenpower is the culmination of Steve and Kevin’s decade’s work to bring their skills in rapid stress and anxiety reduction to the public at an affordable cost in an easily accessible way.

Kevin Laye D.Psy 

Kevin is a visionary thinker when it comes to the way therapy is delivered, with a total focus on the outcome states, and solutions. Kevin is a Harley St based practitioner,  international trainer and public speaker, having developed a successful practice, and an excellent, global reputation for ‘one session’ fixes to almost any issue.

As a Psy -TaP practitioner he employs a combination of proven psychological disciplines, to enable you to get the outcome you want, as rapidly as possible. Due to his successes, he has regularly featured as a guest, and featured therapist on Radio and Television.

Kevin is also a Published Author of the books Positive Shrinking, and Positive Drinking. He is also the creator of a set of unique therapeutic MP3s. He is a Co-creator of an online therapy system Zenpower Ltd. Kevin is also the Founder, and Creator of Psy -TaP (Psychosensory Techniques and Principles).

Medigold Health

Medigold Health exists to keep people in work, safe and well.

They understand organisations complex risks and how to solve their problems and provide robust advice to deliver lasting savings. Whilst always setting the standard for employee wellbeing in the UK

Innovation is an essential feature of the way Medigold deliver services, to create efficiencies, add value, and reduce costs. Their partnership with Zenpower is another way in which they can help to deliver this effectively.

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