Frequently asked questions

What is Zenpower?

Zenpower is an app-based stress management tool which uses tapping and tracing techniques and is designed by experienced therapy practitioners with years of relevant experience. We’ve studied the many different techniques available to help manage stress and anxiety and have combined eastern acupressure with modern psychological techniques to offer a proven, easy and fast way to create a balance mind.

What is tapping?

Tapping combines eastern acupressure and modern psychology to create a balanced mind.  Tapping is a form of meridian based therapy that works by guiding users through specific codes and sequences whilst tapping on parts of their body.

The easiest way to explain it is if you think of yourself as a computer with a virus.  You can clear the virus by tapping on the keyboard in a specific order. Depending on the type of virus, depends on the buttons you press and also the you press them.

How will this help me?

Creating a balanced mind can make a hugely positive impact on all parts of your life.  Zenpower will help you alleviate stress and remove, anxiety with users reporting a positive impact in just a single 7-minute session.

Is using Zenpower a big commitment?

Absolutely not. Using Zenpower for just 7 minutes a day can make a profound difference to your state of mind.

What evidence do you have that Zenpower is successful?

Our studies have so far demonstrated a 70% reduction in stress and anxiety for over 90% of the users.  These results have been further validated over a period of three months, with all positive impacts maintained during this period.

How can Zenpower help my business?

Positive mental health of employees has a important impact on their overall performance and overall the businesses’ results. You may have already seen the  effect employee stress and anxiety can have on productivity and morale.

Our approach is low cost, fast and proven, and will help your organisation improve efficiency, improve staff retention, help with less absenteeism, and minimise presenteeism.  Basically, it is a low-cost solution that drives a high value outcome to a high value issue.

How can Zenpower benefit my employees?

You can now provide your employees with 24/7 access to a tool that can help them stay calm and create a balanced mind. This can help in work and personal life, ensuring employees can maximise their productivity and focus on their job responsibilities. 

Why should I buy Zenpower?

Our techniques are fast, simple and,proven. The cost is low when compared to the high rewards. It can be used at any time of the day, wherever you are, putting you firmly in control of your own mind, without any limitations.

What is included in the price?

Signing up for Zenpower provides unlimited access to the system for 12 months.

Does it really work?

All our studies and tests have shown the app can achieve significant results for the majority of people.  Over 90% of those who used the techniques in the app have noticed a significant change in their state of mind and ability to cope with stress and anxiety. Zenpower either fixes or significantly reduces the effects of your challenges. 

Can the results really be instant?

Yes, they can.  We have many examples of feedback that shows results from just a single 7-minute session. 

How do you measure the effectiveness of your approach?

We use the Subjective Units of Distress (SUD) scale, which ranges from 10 down to 1, with 10 representing the highest levels of distress and 1 representing the lowest.

Ten is where you simply cannot function with your current level of anxiety or stress. One is where you have zero stress or anxiety.

You will intuitively know where you are on this scale and, as you use this on your own, you can always be honest with yourself.

Can my family or anyone else try this?

Yes, they can.  Zenpower is designed so that anyone can use the system and benefit from the results it provides.

Is it safe for everyone to use?

Yes, it is. There are no reported side-effects of using Zenpower.

Do you intend to develop the app further?

We are constantly looking to evolve and improve our offering.  Over time, we intend to add new functionality and approaches to further help with creating a balanced mind.

If it really brings such results, why is it so cheap?

Our mission is to offer a proven approach to creating a balanced mind that most people can afford to pay for.  As such, we have chosen a low-cost model to ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from the techniques we use in Zenpower.

What happens if i get a blank screen?

Try clearing your cache in your browser.

I can't seem to add it to my homscreen.

Are you using chrome on IOS? If so, try using safari instead as you cannot add zenpower to your homescreen via chrome on IOS.