The Opportunities of despair

Anyone who has walked through the valley of despair and come out of the other side knows that even in that darkness, seeds of light can be found.

Anyone who has walked through the valley of despair and come out the other side knows that even in that darkness, seeds of light can be found. Often their tendrils reach out of the gloom and into the daylight alongside the journeyed that emerges from that deep sorrow. When we find ourselves in a place of despair, it can help us to know this, so that we don’t give up. We can stop, take a deep breath, and remind ourselves that we will find ourselves on the other side of this troubled time and that we may even emerge with something new to offer. 

It seems that despair has been around for as long as humans have been able to express themselves, and many of the great artists, teachers, and visionaries have laboured through times of depression and hopelessness. Their words, images, and lives can serve as beacons in the darkness, even if they can’t always immediately lead us out. In the end, we must find our own way, and this is why despair often overwhelms us when it comes; we doubt that we have the resources to contend with such a formidable presence all by ourselves. This is when we must come to our own aid and know in our hearts that we have what it takes to keep moving forward in the general direction of the light.  To progress

Even though we must ultimately rely on ourselves, this doesn’t mean we can’t seek help. Our friends and families can help us, as can our guides and helping coaches and mentors. They can serve the purpose of a fire that burns throughout the night, keeping us warm, and providing a light by which we might see the changes we may need to make in order to move forward. In addition, there truly are seeds of light inside us, however small, waiting to unfurl their green shoots, if only we will give them the time. You see the polarity, the opposite of despair is hope and along with its close cousin creativity despair can also offer opportunity. Look at the first lockdown 2 years ago… under the threat of going out of business, many people used the situation as an opportunity to re-create their business model, to streamline, to get lean… the situation acted as an accelerant and amplifier of creativity, and this gave hope to people, hope to focus on an outcome as opposed to the despair of victimhood, and perceived helplessness. It could in hindsight be seen as an exciting time, full of opportunity, exciting being just another way of saying ‘scary’.

What however do you do, if you do not have this support network though? What if you are unable to invest in a coach or mentor?

What if you are too ashamed to admit, ‘fess up’ you have issues the be dealt with, as this may be perceived as a sign of weakness, in a world where only the strong survive… What then?

What if this was the solution? What if this was your ‘Hope’ in the face of despair?

The Zenpower app program is able to minimize or fully suppress stressors and anxiety-based behaviours simply and in less than 2 minutes, chemical-free and with no side effects. It is simple and it works. Zero side effects. What do you have to lose by trying Zenpower?. 

Zenpower is…

  • Fast. We are time poor in business and often in life and our program takes less than 5 minutes to complete
  • Simple. When people are stressed you do not want to give them something complex or complicated to do to control it. Our program is simple; you just mirror the process on the App and enter the results as you move through it.
  • Proven. People will often only engage in something if it works. All of our studies over the years have shown we get a ‘minimum’ average of a 70% reduction in stress in less than 5 minutes.

Zenpower App is like having a therapist in your pocket, it is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is low cost at less than 10p per day to have full access to the main program and also to a range of support mp3s, which you can listen to and use when you have more time later, to maintain a stress-free state.

What have you to lose by trying?