Craving Busting Skills

Addictions or as I refer to them Addiction Pattern Behaviours, according to many leading psychologists, have a simple function and that is to anaesthetize or self medicate ourselves from anxiety.

During the pandemic data shows that many addictions have increased significantly, including alcohol increase and abuse, and also many people are now hooked on either street sourced drugs or prescribed medications from their well meaning GP’s. Stress and anxiety has run a parallel pandemic course to the one we have been, and some may argue are currently in.

Craving Busting skills

As the song by the Verve goes ‘The Drugs don’t work’ and many do have a depleting effect over time, so we up the dosage, no matter what the drug of choice is. We are not addicted to the drug per se, but addicted to how it makes us feel. That feeling is often one of feeling calmer and more able to feel in control as opposed to feeling out of control and thus anxious.

Dr Bruce Lipton raises a question that if the drugs we take lock in or hook into chemical receptors in our neurobiology, then surely we must have those drugs already in our system, so why not learn a way to activate them internally rather than through external means?

The Zenpower app program is able to minimize or fully suppress cravings and Addiction behaviours simply and in less than 2 minutes, chemical-free and with no side effects. It also reduces the anxiety drivers, which lead to the cravings in the first place.  It is simple and it works. Zero side effects. What does your addiction cost you? And not only financially…

What do you have to lose by trying Zenpower?.  Zenpower is…

  • Fast. We are time poor in business and often in life and our program takes less than 5 minutes to complete
  • Simple. When people are stressed you do not want to give them something complex or complicated to do to control it. Our program is simple; you just mirror the process on the App and enter the results as you move through it.
  • Proven. People will often only engage in something if it works. All of our studies over the years have shown we get a ‘minimum’ average of a 70% reduction in stress in less than 5 minutes.

Zenpower App is like having a therapist in your pocket, it is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is low cost at less than 10p per day to have full access to the main program and also to a range of support mp3s, which you can listen to and use when you have more time later, to maintain a stress-free state.

What have you to lose by trying?

Kevin Laye – Director ZenPower