The 3 main killers of businesses:

As stated in the title I believe the main three killers of any business are

  • Poor cash flow management
  • Lack of ‘profitable’ sales
  • Stress

So there we have a set of problems, but what are the solutions?

Well, the one area that we can mitigate or control totally is handling stress, both business and personal. Stress thinking is foggy and unclear, and if you do not have clarity and focus in your business, the future does not bode well. You are likely to take your eye off the ball managing the business and this will impact cash flow management.

Stressed salespeople do not sell well and this damages profitability and your bottom line.

So let’s look at how dealing with and controlling stress can enable you to minimize these issues.

Less stressed salespeople will enjoy their work more, be more content in their role and as a result, will likely not take to the baggage of stress with them into sales calls, this dynamic is visible to people and we all prefer to buy from someone who makes us feel at ease. When people are tense, it makes us tense, and that is not an optimum buying state, so people tend not to buy. Alternatively, we strike rapport with people who make us feel easy by their calm state, it disarms us, we release more of a hormone called Oxytocin and this enables and increases trust.

This is not a set of sales skills this is innate biology. We enable you to achieve this.

Now think, if profitable sales improve, then you are in a much more comfortable place in your business and will be able to monitor and manage cash flow better and not end in crisis management and chasing your tail. I have a whole lecture on this topic, but the key factor is staying calm at the helm of your business.

Stress is not something that is out of your control, in fact, quite the opposite is true; there are many techniques to achieve this. However, at Zenpower we have taken a hybrid of traditional Eastern medicine and Western proven psychological and neurobiological techniques to create the Zenpower app. It meets 3 several important criteria… it is

  • Fast. We are time poor in business and often in life and our program takes less than 5 minutes to complete
  • Simple. When people are stressed you do not want to give them something complex or complicated to do to control it. Our program is simple; you just mirror the process on the App and enter the results as you move through it.
  • Proven. People will often only engage in something if it works. All of our studies over the years have shown we get a ‘minimum’ average of a 70% reduction in stress in less than 5 minutes.

Zenpower App is like having a therapist in your pocket, it is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is low cost at less than 10p per day to have full access to the main program and also to a range of support mp3s, which you can listen to and use when you have more time later, to maintain a stress-free state.

What have you to lose by trying?