Keeping a calm mind over things that matter

I’ve worked reasonably successfully in the stress and anxiety elimination sector (yes, that is a thing!) for many years and also operated as a MD, Board Chair and Executive Coach and Mentor for over 15 years. It’s taught me that to make the best choices, that lead to great decisions and drive the best results, you need a calm and clear mind. And having a calm and clear mind is, in itself, a choice we can make.

For many people this is more easily said than done. Yet, as humans, we can help ourselves by engaging with our advanced physiology and cognitive powers. My personal quest for calm has been a journey. I’ve gone into the depths of meditation; studied and practiced full-on mindfulness; tried self-hypnosis; performed activities that stretch both sides of the brain like juggling; and I’ve also taken up exercise on a relaxed basis e.g. jogging, walking, hill walking, golf and the like. My cognitive skills have undoubtedly improved, as has my hearing, my short-term memory and my bones don’t ache like they used to.

But what of my mind? I’ve become more focused, less distractible, more relaxed around potentially stressful situations, more level-headed and less impulsive. My decision-making has improved greatly, which is borne out by better business results. Can I attribute those to improving my mind? I don’t know. However, whatever I am doing is having some wonderful unintended consequences. I put it down to a calm mind. Being more aware, gaining great clarity and identifying great choices must, I believe, lead to better decisions.
Better decisions, better delegation and better prioritization has helped me create better results in less time, both in business and at home.

Yet, of course, not many of us have the time to spend hours on the type of personal quest I outlined above. But I have a solution to that, Twelve years ago, together with my business partner Kevin, we set out to provide a fast, simple and proven tool that would reduce significantly, and within minutes, anyone’s stress or anxiety.We created Zenpower. It has worked well in its first few iterations and now it has been digitised it’s available for everyone to try. You can find out more by …

Choose today to reject anxiety and stress. Choose today to make you the focus of attention. You cannot lead others until you can lead yourself. And we need great leaders, whether in junior football coaching or at the highest political levels.

If you have chosen a stress-free life, it would be wonderful to receive some of your experiences.

Thanks. Steve