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Understanding stress and (more importantly) how to banish it

It’s a statement of the obvious, but no-one wants to be stressed. It’s quite simply a total pain that gets in the way of enjoying life. But actually, it’s more than that. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), stress is now one of the biggest contributors to poor human health and well-being and, at the worst end of the scale, mortality. It’s pretty frightening. But fear not, you can do something about it. Quickly.

Before I get to that, it’s a good idea to understand exactly what stress does to us. Stress is a natural process of our bodies and, like most things our body does, it is designed to have a positive effect. To get mildly technical for a moment, the positive reaction comes from Eustress – a chemical reaction that encourages us to stay motivated, get things done and feel good about life. It rises to a peak point of optimum efficiency. It’s good stuff. However, when we push past this peak, we run into distress, which is damaging to us. That’s the bad stuff.

Bad stress delivers a wealth of ill effects. It plays havoc with our memory, warps our ability to judge, messes up our concentration and causes indecision. I think. On an emotional level it contributes to or causes panic, anxiety, depression, cynicism, frustration and anger.

At a physical level it delivers high blood pressure, chest pains, a rapid pulse, skin disorders and a depressed immune system. Another bunch of things that no-one wants to open their door to. Bad stress also causes inflammation, something that is often the root cause for many illnesses.

Finally, it can also have a very meaningful effect at a behavioural level. Not enough sleep, too much sleep, demotivation, loss of humour, self-medicating with a range of drugs, to name but a few.

Time for another statement of the obvious. You won’t find many people who want any of these in their life. So, let’s get to the good stuff. How can you manage and get rid of your stress? It’s quite simple, just do the next bit.

Using the Lemniscate (a very posh way of saying figure of eight) pattern, move two fingers on the forehead for a count of 20-30 seconds. This stimulates the ‘third eye’ point, activating both the pituitary gland and the pineal gland, which will result in Oxytocin being released. Oxytocin is ‘the’ antidote to ‘Cortisol’ the stress chemical and cancels it out immediately. This is one of the most powerful techniques I have discovered to maintain a stress-free life. The technique is simple and effective. Some have said you are giving stress the two fingers, but I’m far too polite to say that.

Written by Kevin Laye